How do you build wealth?


How do you invest locally but still get exposure to international markets?


How Do You Invest When Companies Lie?

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Are you afraid to invest on your own?

Are you afraid to invest on your own? When it comes to investing, fear and lack of knowledge holds most people back. I’ve been asked many times if my approach to investing is so great why doesn’t [...]

Want to Earn More?

Your salary is the average of the 10 people you surround yourself with. Are you happy with your current income? Do you wish you could earn more money? Investing in quality dividend stocks can [...]

Book Review: Victory Lap Retirement

Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Drak, and Jonathan Chevreau, authors of the book "Victory Lap Retirement". At first I thought, “oh another retirement book”. But Mike explained that [...]

Can You Buy a Stock for Nothing?

Here’s a story of how to buy stocks for nothing and earn more at the same time. In 2000 I purchased 185 shares of TransCanada (TRP) for $13.40 each, at the time the dividend was $0.80 per share. [...]

What’s The Best New Year Resolution?

  The best new year resolutions are the ones you keep. Commit to yourself to build your best stock portfolio this year; your future self will thank you for the growing income you’ll receive. The [...]

My biggest investing mistake

I'd like to share with you my biggest investing mistake. I hope you can avoid making the same mistake I did years ago. My journey into stocks didn’t start well. In 1999-2000 I got caught up in [...]

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