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Start by learning  our approach to dividend investing. View the 12 Rules of Simply Investing. This approach allows you to earn more, save time, and reduce your risk when it comes to investing.


The Simply Investing Platform does the analysis for you; each day it applies the SI approach to over 6000 stocks, and shows you the best stocks to invest in, and which ones to avoid.


For the true DIY investor our online Financial Freedom Investing Course teaches you the fundamentals so that you can confidently build your own portfolio of income generating dividend stocks.


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Hi, I'm Kanwal.

I help people just like you to earn more money, save time, and reduce your risk.

With more than 20 years of experience as a dividend value investor, I am passionate about demystifying the world of investing. With Simply Investing I give you the tools & knowledge to become a successful dividend investor.

From 9 years to 65 years old, since 2007 my course has taught people in over 30 countries how to create their own stream of growing passive income by investing in quality dividend stocks, and has helped them save thousands of dollars in fees.

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  • ““Kanwal has a fresh, new way of looking at investing. Wish I knew all this years ago.””

  • “Finally a dividend application built for dividend investors!”

  • “The Simply Investing Platform is so easy to use! All the information is right there.”

  • ““Simply Investing not only gives you the information needed to succeed, but also provides the tools and access to answer any questions you may have about the program and how to apply it.””

  • “Love it! I don't have to wait around for a monthly stock newsletter to arrive. I can login to the Simply Investing Platform at any time and find quality stocks.”

Learn How You Can Invest With Confidence

The online Financial Freedom Simply Investing Course is the fastest and easiest way to learn how to find quality dividend paying stocks when they are priced low. Learn the proven value investing techniques that are simple to understand and easy to implement. Build a portfolio that generates growing passive income for you each year, regardless of what happens in the economy. You can apply these strategies to any stock market in the world.

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We Do The Work For You

The Simply Investing Platform is fastest and easiest way to achieve financial freedom,  the Platform does the work for you. Each day it analyzes over 6000 common stocks in the US and Canada, and applies our SI Criteria, giving each a stock a grade out of 10. Then the Platform provides you with a list of the best quality stocks to consider, and the ones to avoid.

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Want growing passive income each year?

Our Simply Investing Portfolio has gained over 543% since 1999 versus the stock market return of 317% over the same period. More importantly our stream of passive dividend income has continued to increase each year for over 21 years consecutively. 



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Tracy saved over $1M in fees

One call with Kanwal saved Tracy $1,398,316

Tracy a 45 year old software manager, had accumulated a $300,000 portfolio consisting of 25 mutual funds, index funds and ETFs.

With her existing portfolio she would be losing:

  • $67,540 in fees after 10 years
  • $224,376 in fees after 20 years
  • $1,398,316 in fees after 40 years

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