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Save time, earn more, and reduce your risk by investing in the highest quality dividend stocks


Not sure if you are on the right track with your investments?

Wish you could earn more money?

Want to stop working sooner than later?

Have you been ignoring your investments? Not sure how to begin? Worried you will run out of money?

You probably have a lot more questions like these:

  • Am I paying too much in fees?
  • How much am I losing to fees?
  • Is investing risky?
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • What if I lose my hard-earned money?
  • Should I keep my current investments?
  • What should I invest in?
  • When is the best time to invest?
  • Will I have enough money to support my family?
  • When can I stop working?
  • How can I earn passive income?

Your Personal Assessment will answer those questions for you, and help you save on fees, earn more, and reduce your risk.

Your Personal Assessment includes:

  • An online intake form, where you answer a few questions, which helps Kanwal to understand your goals and current situation
  • A complete review of your current holdings
  • A detailed list of the fees you are paying for your mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs
  • A summary of fees you are paying your advisor, or robo-advisor
  • A review of your asset allocation, and diversification
  • 1-hour video call with Kanwal to:
    • review your current situation and portfolio
    • discuss your SI Action Plan to help you earn more
    • show you how to reduce your risk
    • save time
    • eliminate the fees
    • build a portfolio that generates growing income for you
    • answer all your questions

My promise to you:

  • show you how to save hundreds and thousands of dollars in fund fees
  • show you how to earn more, and build a growing stream of passive income 
  • providing you with easy-to-understand recommendations
  • providing you with an unbiased, independent second opinion on your investment portfolio
  • absolutely no technical jargon during our call

How I saved Tracy over $1M in fees

Tracy booked a Personal Assessment, and is now closer to financial freedom


Tracy's information:

  • Age: 45, working professional
  • Portfolio Size: $300K
  • Her portfolio consisted of 25 mutual funds, index funds and ETFs
  • Fund fees ranged from 0.03% to 2.5%
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With her existing portfolio she would be losing:

  • $67,540 in fees after 10 years
  • $224,376 in fees after 20 years
  • $1,398,316 in fees after 40 years

The Personal Assessment showed Tracy how to:

  • only invest in companies that pass the 12 Rules of Simply Investing
  • create a portfolio that generates increasing income each year
  • minimized the problems of over diversification
  • reduce her fees to $249.75 (one-time commission fee to purchase 25 stocks)
  • increase her annual dividend income by 74% (from $5,997 to $10,415)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Personal Assessment?

Your Personal Assessment includes the following:

  1. It begins with you filling out an online questionnaire.
  2. You submit a list of your current investments.
  3. Kanwal will review your investments, calculate the amount you pay in fees, the amount of income generated from your portfolio, and look at your diversification.
  4. 1-hour video call with Kanwal to review your portfolio, and suggest next steps

Is this investing approach difficult to learn and implement?

Dividend value investing is not difficult to learn at all. I make it easy for everyone to understand how to invest effectively. You do not need a degree in finance, economics or accounting in order to apply the principles. I explain value investing in plain English, making it easy for you to understand and implement in a few simple steps. It is so simple a 9 year old could do it -- both my kids started investing at the age of 9.

How much time do I need to spend on investing?

In the beginning you will have to spend some time to determine what to invest in, and when. As an educator I can help you quickly learn the principle of dividend investing and apply that knowledge to selecting your investments.

Once you've built a solid portfolio, the time to monitor your investments could be 25 to 45 minutes each year.

Can you invest my money for me?

No. Simply Investing (SI) does not invest your money on your behalf. The goal of SI is to help you invest by yourself for yourself.


What They Say About Simply Investing

  • “Kanwal has a fresh, new way of looking at investing. Wish I knew all this years ago.”

  • “Thank you for a great introduction to value investing. This value investment strategy is easy to follow and works well. I have already seen improvements in my investments.”

  • “I found Kanwal Sarai's incredible depth of knowledge about investing was matched by his genuine desire to impart that wisdom to others. He really is a great teacher. The course covers everything you need to know, without being overwhelming or complex. I heartily recommend taking the Simply Investing course, with Kanwal Sarai as your guide.”

  • “The Simply Investing Course material is excellent, including the supporting material, all of it is very well explained. Kanwal's enthusiasm and confidence in the program is inviting and makes the information understandable.”

  • “Man, this is a FANTASTIC course. I can see the enormous amount of work that went into this and the quality is second to none. If I had this process in place 20 years ago I'm convinced that I would have at least four times the equity that I have now. I definitively feel I got my money's worth. The process that you have created matches my personality perfectly... conservative, objective, and in control. I can't thank you enough - where were you twenty years ago?”

  • “Kanwal's course is empowering and exciting. The techniques are easy to apply and seem to show success. The flow and length of the class was just right, I didn't feel overwhelmed or overloaded.”

  • “Thank you so much it was a great course.”

  • “Kanwal's course made investing clear and easy to understand.”

  • “Thanks for introducing me to value investing. Having applied the concepts I learned from you I am happy to report that my portfolio is starting to grow. I especially liked your patience and simple step-by-step approach in explaining to me the value investing strategy. Also your guidelines for maintaining a portfolio are simple and easy to implement.”

  • “The Simply Investing course is the best course that I have found that takes the proven methods that value investors have been using successfully for decades and packages them in an easy to understand program that is repeatable each and every time. Simply Investing not only gives you the information needed to succeed, but also provides the tools and access to answer any questions you may have about the program and how to apply it.”

  • “This course was extremely valuable!”

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