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What everyone is saying about Simply Investing

Save time, earn more, and reduce your risk by investing in the highest quality dividend stocks

  • “Kanwal has a fresh, new way of looking at investing. Wish I knew all this years ago.”

  • “The flow of material in the Simply Investing course was excellent. It gave me the confidence to proceed on my own!”

  • “Thank you so much it was a great course.”

  • “Kanwal's course made investing clear and easy to understand.”

  • “Awesome, thank you so much. Simply Investing rocks keep up the good work. I appreciate everything you guys do for us !”

  • “Exactly the tools I was looking for to reduce the apprehension of starting to manage my own investments. Thank you!”

  • “Excellent course. I would recommend it to everyone who invests in stocks.”

“Kanwal is a financial godsend and THE DIVIDEND STOCK INVESTING GURU!!! Take his class, you definitely won’t regret it! Patient and knowledgeable on everything you need to know all things related to value investing.”

Lina Lam

"I enjoy the SI Report, it's simple and to the point. Saves me quite some time doing the analysis and research myself."

Rene Molenaar

"It [the SI Report] has provided me with the necessary information to be able to start investing with minimal risk and have confidence in my stock selections."

Daniel Tomicevic

"I used to think investing was complicated, and I left all the investing decisions to my Financial Advisor. The Simply Investing Course has made it so easy for me to learn how to invest by myself. Thanks to Kanwal for making this topic accessible to everyone like me!"

Tony Shi

"The Simply Investing Course made the topic of investing easy to understand, and I thank you for breaking it down to a level that even my kids can comprehend. Value investing appeals to my personality and transcends the emotional roller coaster of the markets. I've really enjoyed the balance between receiving help with the SI Course and having full control over my investments."

Christine Adkins

"A great course, I learned a lot and have had a solid year of success investing since completing the program. The monthly report is a 'must have' in my opinion."

Chris Mac

"Love the course and what I really like is that I can apply the knowledge immediately to my portfolio."

Azim Jaffer

"Kanwal is clearly passionate about value investing and it shows in his delivery style. I've learned a lot and will apply this knowledge in the next 6 months. I highly recommend Kanwal and this course!"

Randy Elias

"Intelligent, insightful and very relevant course. Kanwal's methods have helped me make several wise, little-risk investments that have garnered impressive returns."

Richard Moushian

"After I took your course 2 years ago, I went ahead and invested my old Bell pension that I had liquidated into it's own lock-in retirement account. That account ONLY contains stocks that meet this criteria and has risen about 33% in 2 years!! I'm very pleased with this dividend growth approach and it will remain as my primary investment strategy going forward."

Steve B.

"Exactly the tools I was looking for to reduce the apprehension of starting to manage my own investments. Thank you!"

Nancy MacKay

"I recently completed the Simply Investing course and I was extremely impressed with the content and flow of the course, it provides you with all you need to get started and most of all the confidence to invest on your own. I highly recommend this course to anyone. Thank you Kanwal!"

Mohamed Hussein

"Kanwal's course in dividend value investing was easy to understand. I'm glad I took it. It is the only way I will buy stocks now. It is satisfying to watch my investments grow."

Hyatt Saikin

"I was very happy with the Simply Investing Course. I thought it was very well put together, very informative and contains all the basics you need to start trading stocks on your own. Plan A and plan B are smart options and you can use one of them, or in parallel to verify your investment choices. After the course I had some additional questions for Kanwal, and he answered them promptly and to my satisfaction. It is a nice feeling knowing that you can get additional support if you need it and don't have to take your first investing steps alone. This course is definitely worth the money, and the Simply Investing web site is a wealth of information. Thank you Kanwal."

Nenad Krsikapa

"Kanwal did an excellent job in explaining the concepts of value investing. I understood how to effectively and confidently select stocks based on the value investing approach. After taking the course I found Kanwal's ongoing support and encouragement helped a lot, especially when first getting started with value investing."

Pervinder Trehan

"With enthusiasm and clarity, Kanwal explains value investing in a way that makes you excited and eager to start investing and watch your money grow. As a new graduate, Kanwal showed me the benefits of investing early and presented me with easy to understand material that I could in turn use on my own. Almost 5 years later, I am watching my investment portfolio grow and know that I can always turn to Kanwal for sound, solid value investing advice."

Sandy Sidhu

"I have never really invested except for GIC [Term Deposits] and Canadian Savings Bonds because the risks always seemed too high. This class helps you minimize the risks and make quality choices."

Sandra Silveira

"If you are contemplating taking this course, take it! It pays for itself plus will give you instrumental tools, knowledge, and confidence to build a solid portfolio that has excellent returns. After this course and our one-on-one consultation with Kanwal to review our stock portfolio (which was INVALUABLE ) we felt empowered to invest 100% on our own without a financial advisor – which will save us thousands of dollars in management fees. I’m kicking myself for not taking this course sooner. He dispels all the myths the banking institutions have rammed down our throats and gives us only the straight facts. The federal government should make it mandatory for everyone to take this course. He is a tremendous educator, passionate about dividend investing, and a simple honest nice guy. Thank you for going above and beyond what we asked you to do in our last meeting. It’s pretty clear he isn’t out to make a quick buck but is really passionate about educating people to empower themselves to build their own portfolio. The step by step guide makes it easy to build a diversified portfolio that will earn you income (dividends) – with no management fees! You so rock Kanwal."

Kathi De

"I just finished your investing course, and wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it very much. You did an excellent job! Everything is explained very clearly with excellent examples, and helpful slides. You can feel very confident with your ability to make complex concepts/systems/products simple to understand. It was a pleasure to benefit from your passion!"

George Dutch

"The value investing strategy I learned from Kanwal helped me grow my investment portfolio. In the past my portfolio was too volatile, moving up and down frequently, unfortunately it usually landed on the down side and I lost money. But with this new mindset on a value investing strategy I am able to focus on value and dividends. With Kanwal's ongoing support my investment risk has been almost eliminated and at the same time I am getting good results. I have been using this new strategy for almost 2 years now. My portfolio has been going up gradually, sometimes it does go down a little when the market goes down, but I've noticed that in just a few months the portfolio comes up again usually surpassing it's previous peak."

Arie Yuen

"I will definitely be telling all my friends to take this course!"

Sam Kuriya

"I have just watched the 5 Modules and read the Simply Investing Workbook. I used to work as an equity analyst and I was impressed by your course. Thanks for it!"

David Solyomi

"Excellent course. I would recommend it to everyone who invests in stocks."

Dilip Patel

"The flow of material in the Simply Investing course was excellent. It gave me the confidence to proceed on my own!"

Sydney Hall

“Well explained in simple terms. I learned a lot of new things.”

Vinod Choyi

"Thank you for a great introduction to value investing. This value investment strategy is easy to follow and works well. I have already seen improvements in my investments."

Yongdong Jin

"Time and money well spent! Easy to understand course material."

Anand Chinnasamy

"Kanwal is genuinely interested in seeing his students succeed. He's able to describe difficult concepts in a very simple easy to understand way. Thank you for an excellent course in value investing. My own investments continue to perform well."

Ranjit Singh

"At first I was scared to begin buying stocks on my own, but your course made it so easy to understand. I am gaining more confidence as I continue to collect dividends and see my stock portfolio grow. Thank you Kanwal!"

Rick S.

"Kanwal you make it so simple and easy to follow with your steps, and I'm amazed how much I can learn from your videos. I can say that now I am confident to buy Singapore stocks by following your steps on the SI worksheets."

Connie Lee

"The Simply Investing course is the best course that I have found that takes the proven methods that value investors have been using successfully for decades and packages them in an easy to understand program that is repeatable each and every time. Simply Investing not only gives you the information needed to succeed, but also provides the tools and access to answer any questions you may have about the program and how to apply it."

Greg Jones

"Man, this is a FANTASTIC course. I can see the enormous amount of work that went into this and the quality is second to none. If I had this process in place 20 years ago I'm convinced that I would have at least four times the equity that I have now. I definitively feel I got my money's worth. The process that you have created matches my personality perfectly... conservative, objective, and in control. I can't thank you enough - where were you twenty years ago?"

Gilles Maurice

"Thank you so much it was a great course."

Dr. Marcelle Forget

"This course really helped to alleviate my apprehension of investing. I now understand what I need to do in order to invest properly. I enjoyed the examples used in the course."

Shawn Atwal

"Kanwal's course made investing clear and easy to understand."

Wendy Russell

"I found Kanwal Sarai's incredible depth of knowledge about investing was matched by his genuine desire to impart that wisdom to others. He really is a great teacher. The course covers everything you need to know, without being overwhelming or complex. I heartily recommend taking the Simply Investing course, with Kanwal Sarai as your guide."

Nathan Evans

“This course was extremely valuable!”

Eva Frank

"Thanks for introducing me to value investing. Having applied the concepts I learned from you I am happy to report that my portfolio is starting to grow. I especially liked your patience and simple step-by-step approach in explaining to me the value investing strategy. Also your guidelines for maintaining a portfolio are simple and easy to implement."

Jassi Benipal

"Thank you for a great introduction to value investing. This value investment strategy is easy to follow and works well. I have already seen improvements in my investments."

Yongdong Jin

"The Simply Investing Course material is excellent, including the supporting material, all of it is very well explained. Kanwal's enthusiasm and confidence in the program is inviting and makes the information understandable."

Jane McGuire

"Kanwal has a fresh, new way of looking at investing. Wish I knew all this years ago."

Dr. Tony Brunelle

"Kanwal's course is empowering and exciting. The techniques are easy to apply and seem to show success. The flow and length of the class was just right, I didn't feel overwhelmed or overloaded."

Tanya Riley

"Your course lives up to its promise, investing explained in a easy way to understand yet doing it in a rational way."


"I must say I thoroughly enjoyed your course and learned valuable investing lessons!"

Gopi Rajagambeeran

"Thank you for taking a complicated subject and making it easy to understand! Just bought my first stock, and looking forward to building my own stream of side income from dividends."


"Awesome, thank you so much. Simply Investing rocks keep up the good work. I appreciate everything you guys do for us !"

Samuel Muro

"Thanks for your help and guidance. Superb Service!!"

Satinder Hayer

"I love the Simply Investing Platform! It's so easy to find great stocks to invest in! The Platform saves me from spending hours and hours of research each month.

Julia Slater