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Registered affiliates can access the following resources from our Partner Portal:

  • our marketing approach to help you earn more
  • customer testimonials you can use
  • templates you can use for your social media posts
  • view and download the Simply Investing logos
  • view and download artwork and graphics for your social media posts
  • email marketing template


Your frequently asked questions

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Here's how much you can earn:

SI Course: sells from $297 to $997 ($79.40 to $199.40 in commissions per sale)

SI Platform: sells at $25/month or $45/month ($5/month or $9/month in commissions, this is recurring revenue)

Personal Assessment: sells at $250 ($50 in commissions per sale)

When you recommend a potential client to our site and that person makes a purchase you earn a 20% commission.

Simply Investing offers commissions on the following  3 products:

Simply Investing is the easiest and fastest way to financial freedom. Help others learn the right way to invest and you'll earn a commission.

The commission on the Platform is paid as long as the client continues their subscription, so you could earn 20% for years!

Note: Want to earn an even higher commission (25%)? Read the last question below to learn how you can earn more than the standard 20% commission.

The commission is calculated on the purchase price of the product (after all other discounts have been applied), not including taxes.

For example:

Course costs $297, and client uses a 5% discount code:

$297 - $14.85 (5% discount) = $282.15

You would earn 20% of $282.15 = $56.43

To begin you have to apply for the program which is very quick and easy (takes less than 2 minutes).


After your application is approved, you will receive an email with your login information to our affiliate site, from that site you can manage your account, view your commissions, get branded images, and get your affiliate link.

You can link to any page of our site with your affiliate ID and you will get the commission if the referred customer purchases a product.

You can use the affiliate links anywhere you like, such as your website, emails etc.

When a visitor clicks on the link, and gets taken to our site, a cookie will be placed on the visitor’s computer. If the visitor signs up for a subscription and pays, you will start to earn commissions from the subscription.

We set the lifetime of the cookie to 30 days, so you will get a commission if any time within the month the visitor becomes a paying customer.

After you login to your affiliate account, you can obtain your affiliate code. For example your code may look like this:


The only part we really use for tracking is the number (863312), so if you prefer, you can change the stuff after the hyphen to anything you want. Or you can remove the hyphen and what comes after it completely and just use the number alone.
You can link to any page on our website with your tracking numbers, here are some examples:
  • https://www.simplyinvesting.com/course?ref=863312
  • https://www.simplyinvesting.com/report?ref=863312
  • https://www.simplyinvesting.com/about?ref=863312

All affiliate commissions are paid on a monthly basis. Please allow 5-10 business days (allowing for weekends and holidays) for your payment to reach you.

You must have earned an amount equal to or more than $50 to receive a payment.

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on our courses, so course commissions are paid after the 30 day period is over and the client has not requested a refund.

US affiliates will be paid in US dollars

International and Canadian affiliates will be paid in Canadian dollars

You must have a PayPal account, all affiliate payments are made via PayPal.

Once you've registered as an affiliate, you can login to the affiliate portal at anytime to check the status of your commissions and payments.

In order to help you with marketing and advertising, registered affiliates are permitted to use our artwork and logos. Access to the files are available to registered affiliates.

You can send us a message at any time from our contact page.

Yes, our lawyers want to make sure before you sign up that you've read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions for Affiliates.

You can recruit additional affiliates and earn a commission on those affiliates' sales, you earn an extra 5% on top of your 20% commission. Any affiliate that you recruit will continue to earn the standard 20% commission. So, get out there and start recruiting today.

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Simply Investing Products and Services

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