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Our Simply investing Portfolio has gained over 413% since 1999

versus the stock market return of 283% over the same period

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Is investing too overwhelming for you?

If you have started looking into how to invest your money you know there is so much to think about:

There are so many options, so many things to learn and everyone is telling you something different ...

… and it is just overwhelming.

You begin to think:

  • Who has time for this?
  • Investing sounds risky (at least that’s what my uncle used to say)
  • What if I make a mistake?
  • What if I do not understand the risk?
  • What if I lose my hard-earned money?

But at the same time you want to take control.

Start building towards your financial freedom, so you can:

  • Retire sooner than later
  • Invest in your children’s education
  • Stop worrying about your future financial situation…
  • Afford what you want when you want it

All the good things you know are not going to happen without taking action today.

And you know investing the way you are now, if you are investing, is not going to get you there either:

Passively investing in Mutual funds, Index funds or ETFs will NOT cut it

Tracy was on her way to paying $1M in fund fees, before she discovered Simply Investing

Cost Details Why Funds Fail


The Simply Investing Platform:

$25 / monthly - $270 / annually

The Simply Investing Platform is a simpler way to start investing today. Every day our Platform analyzes all stocks in North America by applying our SI Criteria and showing you the highest quality stocks to invest in. Use the platform to quickly start your passive stream of income and watch it grow. Use the Platform's most powerful and easy to use tools to invest safely and safe time.

What You Will Get

Investing really can be this simple.

Our Report & Analysis Platform gives you:

  • A list of quality stocks that are priced low (great for buying)
  • A list of quality stocks that are priced high (great for selling or avoiding)
  • Stocks with the potential for highest dividend growth and capital appreciation
  • The SI Criteria applied to all common stocks trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and TSX exchanges
  • The important financial data for over 6000 common stocks, updated daily
  • The most powerful and easiest to use tools to discover the best stocks, start building your passive income today
  • Track your stock portfolio, build your own watch list, create powerful email alerts, and estimate your annual dividend income
  • over 120 metrics for each stock
  • 17 video tutorials guide you through all the features
  • see the complete list of features

Our Platform tracks all common stocks trading in the US and Canada. Some of these companies have been paying dividends for more than 100 years.

No jargon, plain and simple, each day:

  • We cover a list of undervalued and overvalued dividend paying stocks
  • Receive only the most important data you need, our interactive Platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The SI Criteria applied to over 6000 common stocks daily

Use our Report & Analysis Platform to build your own portfolio of quality dividend paying stocks.

  • Create your own stream of growing passive income each year
  • Avoid paying high mutual fund fees
  • Each day receive a list of high quality stocks which are priced low

Financial freedom made simple

The SI Platform gives you everything you need to build your own stream of growing passive income. Buying high quality dividend paying stocks ensures you build a stable resilient portfolio for long-term growth, and increasing passive income.


A Quick-Start Guide:

Use the SI Platform and Start Investing Today

I know you might be worried that it will take too long to understand how the Platform works ...

That is why I prepared this guide that will allow you to start investing by using the Platform in under 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what stocks to buy?

The key is to buy quality stocks when they are priced low. A quality company (stock) is one which: Is profitable; Shows consistent growth; Has a strong balance sheet. Stock prices change all the time, each month our Report shows you which stocks are priced low, and which ones are quality companies.

Worried about making costly mistakes?

Investing in anything carries risk, including mutual funds, index funds, and ETFs. It's important to focus on investing in quality dividend paying stocks to minimize your risk. Each day Platform analyzes 6000 companies in North America, and identifies the safest ones to invest for the long-term. You can minimize your risk by investing in profitable companies providing much needed products and services. Further increase your margin of safety by buying these quality companies when they are priced low.

How hard is it to buy and sell stocks?

Online investing has made it very easy to buy and sell stocks from the comfort of your own home. Buying and selling stocks is as simple as paying your bills online. Online stock brokerages provide you with all the tools and support you need to help you buy/sell stocks. Our Platform helps you know which stocks to buy and which ones to avoid.

How do you make money with stocks?

As a stock holder you are part owner of the company. As part owner of the company you are entitled to share in the profits of the company. An annual dividend (part of the profit) is a cash payment made to stock holders. Some companies in our Platform have been paying dividends for over 100 years. The other way to make money with stocks is when the stock price increases.


What They Say About Simply Investing

  • “Man, this is a FANTASTIC course. I can see the enormous amount of work that went into this and the quality is second to none. If I had this process in place 20 years ago I'm convinced that I would have at least four times the equity that I have now. I definitively feel I got my money's worth. The process that you have created matches my personality perfectly... conservative, objective, and in control. I can't thank you enough - where were you twenty years ago?”

  • “The Simply Investing course is the best course that I have found that takes the proven methods that value investors have been using successfully for decades and packages them in an easy to understand program that is repeatable each and every time. Simply Investing not only gives you the information needed to succeed, but also provides the tools and access to answer any questions you may have about the program and how to apply it.”

  • “Thank you so much it was a great course.”

  • “I found Kanwal Sarai's incredible depth of knowledge about investing was matched by his genuine desire to impart that wisdom to others. He really is a great teacher. The course covers everything you need to know, without being overwhelming or complex. I heartily recommend taking the Simply Investing course, with Kanwal Sarai as your guide.”

  • “Thanks for introducing me to value investing. Having applied the concepts I learned from you I am happy to report that my portfolio is starting to grow. I especially liked your patience and simple step-by-step approach in explaining to me the value investing strategy. Also your guidelines for maintaining a portfolio are simple and easy to implement.”

  • “The Simply Investing Course material is excellent, including the supporting material, all of it is very well explained. Kanwal's enthusiasm and confidence in the program is inviting and makes the information understandable.”

  • “Kanwal's course is empowering and exciting. The techniques are easy to apply and seem to show success. The flow and length of the class was just right, I didn't feel overwhelmed or overloaded.”

  • “Kanwal's course made investing clear and easy to understand.”

  • “Thank you for a great introduction to value investing. This value investment strategy is easy to follow and works well. I have already seen improvements in my investments.”

  • “This course was extremely valuable!”

  • “Kanwal has a fresh, new way of looking at investing. Wish I knew all this years ago.”