Don’t Panic When Stock Prices Drop


How to Transition from Mutual Funds to Your Own Growing Portfolio


6 Steps to Safely Doubling Your Money

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3 Steps to Investing Successfully

Get Rid of the Noise 1. Stop listening to the financial media (TV, online, magazines). The financial media are made up of corporations. A corporation only has one purpose: to make money. The [...]

How can you make money with dividends?

I've created a short video (5 mins) to show you how you can earn passive income with dividends. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth more! In this video I [...]

Earning $417,792 from just one stock?

Imagine earning $417,792 each year for the rest of your life, and getting annual increases too! I’ve written many times about the power of dividends especially increasing dividends. Now let’s [...]

How do you build wealth?

You build wealth one stock at a time. In this case you grow your investment 373% with just one stock. Then you continue to hold the stock for its growing income. Lowe’s was founded in 1964 and [...]

How Do You Invest When Companies Lie?

  History is full of companies that have lied on their financial statements. As an investor how can you avoid investing your hard-earned money in companies that lie? The investing part is simple, [...]

Are you afraid to invest on your own?

Are you afraid to invest on your own? When it comes to investing, fear and lack of knowledge holds most people back. I’ve been asked many times if my approach to investing is so great why doesn’t [...]

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