Want to give yourself a raise?

Do you want to increase your income? Could you use a few extra hundred dollars a month? The quickest and easiest way to increase the amount of money coming into your pocket is by collecting [...]

Wish You Had More Money?

Do you ever wish you had more money? Could you use more money? More money for: Vacations Education Better health A home A car Helping others At the end of the day more money will buy you time, [...]

What’s Wrong with Index Funds?

There are three issues that I have with index funds, and that’s why I don’t invest in them. But first let’s make sure you know what an index fund is. What is an index fund? An index fund is a [...]

My Adventures in Downhill Skiing

Today, at the age of 44, for the first time in my life I put on a pair of downhill skis and went skiing. I fell, crashed, and feared numerous injuries as I sped down the hill at increasing [...]

Should You Invest by Yourself?

Yes, you should invest by yourself, it's the one thing in life that should not be outsourced to anyone. Here are 17 reasons why you need to invest by yourself: No one cares more about your money [...]

My Take on Diversification and Risk

I’ve always said over diversification is bad for your financial health, and taking more risk does not equal higher returns. I know this goes against conventional wisdom, but it’s still true. The [...]

The 12 Rules of Simply Investing

Here are the 12 Rules of Simply Investing, the same rules I have used over the last 17+ years to invest successfully. These rules are designed to minimize your risk and maximize your gains for [...]

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