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Worried about your financial future?


Financial freedom is something that we all think about when it comes to money.

How are we going to provide for ourselves and loved ones in the long term?

And as an individual investor, it’s really easy to get lost in the HUGE amount of options to invest your money in…

… and to simply, well, not do it.

Or give your hard earned money to a Mutual Fund company (can’t blame you):

Are you worried about these financial problems?

  • Will I have enough for my children's education?
  • Will I have enough money to retire?
  • How and what should I invest in?
  • Will I have to work till I'm 75?
  • How do I earn more today?

Ouch… these are tough questions

And really what ends up happening is a feeling of insecurity about your financial future.

Here's what you want


Now let’s put away the worries and problems and focus on what you want.

  • You want to take control over your investments
  • You want to have a clear plan and roadmap, step-by-step of what to do
  • You want to invest safely with minimal risk and maximum gains
  • You want to not spend HOURS learning about this
  • You want to start building a growing stream of passive income for yourself today



The Simply Investing Course

This course offers the easiest, fastest way to learn how to obtain financial freedom through dividend investing.

Build your own stream of growing income so you can:

  • Put yourself on the road to financial freedom today.
  • Use the self-paced online investing course anytime – at home or on the go.
  • Get simple step-by-step instructions to ensuring safe investing.
  • Focus on stable dividend paying stocks.


What they thought about the course 

"Love the course and what I really like is that I can apply the knowledge immediately to my portfolio."

Azim Jaffer

"Kanwal is clearly passionate about value investing and it shows in his delivery style. I've learned a lot and will apply this knowledge in the next 6 months. I highly recommend Kanwal and this course!"

Randy Elias

"Intelligent, insightful and very relevant course. Kanwal's methods have helped me make several wise, little-risk investments that have garnered impressive returns."

Richard Moushian

"After I took your course 2 years ago, I went ahead and invested my old Bell pension that I had liquidated into it's own lock-in retirement account. That account ONLY contains stocks that meet this criteria and has risen about 33% in 2 years!! I'm very pleased with this dividend growth approach and it will remain as my primary investment strategy going forward."

Steve B.

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Inside the Simply Investing Course we show you how to:


Earn more


Save your time


Reduce your risk


Step-by-step select quality stocks


Quickly start earning passive income today


The Simply Investing Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction

• Lesson 1: What will you learn in this course?
• Lesson 2: My story
• Lesson 3: Investing Myths
• Lesson 4: The Basics

Module 2 - What to invest in

• Lesson 5: Rules 1, 2, 3
• Lesson 6: Rules 4, 5, 6
• Lesson 7: Rules 7, 8, 9
• Lesson 8: Rules 10, 11, 12

Module 3 - Selecting stocks

• Lesson 9: DIY vs DIY with help (Option A & B)
• Lesson 10: Option A, Do-it-yourself method
• Lesson 11: Option A, Final steps

Module 4 - Selecting stocks with help

• Lesson 12: Option B, DIY with help
• Lesson 13: Using the Simply Investing Report

Module 5 - How to buy stocks

• Lesson 14: Using a discount broker
• Lesson 15: Type of trading accounts in USA
• Lesson 16: Type of trading accounts in Canada
• Lesson 17: Placing your first stock order

Module 6 - Building & Tracking your portfolio

• Lesson 18: Building your portfolio of stocks
• Lesson 19: Tracking your portfolio of stocks

Module 7 - When and how to sell stocks

• Lesson 20: When should you sell your stock?
• Lesson 21: Guidelines for selling your stock

Module 8 - Funds and managing your risk

• Lesson 22: Why Mutual Funds Fail
• Lesson 23: What about Index Funds and ETFs?
• Lesson 24: Managing your risk

Module 9 - Next steps

• Lesson 25: Investing myths revisited
• Lesson 26: You can get started right away

Module 10 - Your frequently asked questions

• Lesson 27: Frequently asked questions

Bonus Material

• Bonus Video 1: How to fill in the Excel spreadsheet for Canadian stocks
• Bonus Video 2: How to fill in the Excel spreadsheet for US stocks
• Bonus Video 3: Where to obtain List of 10 Canadian Stocks
• Bonus Video 4: Where to obtain List of 10 US Stocks
• Bonus Video 5: How to fill in the Excel spreadsheet for UK stocks
• Bonus Video 6: Where to obtain a list of 10 UK stocks

Also Included

• Simply Investing Reference Guide (PDF)
• Simply Investing Spreadsheet (Excel file)
• Simply Investing Portfolio Tracker
• List of Trading Platforms
• FAQ section


"With enthusiasm and clarity, Kanwal explains value investing in a way that makes you excited and eager to start investing and watch your money grow. As a new graduate, Kanwal showed me the benefits of investing early and presented me with easy to understand material that I could in turn use on my own. Almost 5 years later, I am watching my investment portfolio grow and know that I can always turn to Kanwal for sound, solid value investing advice."

Sandy S.

"Kanwal is genuinely interested in seeing his students succeed. He's able to describe difficult concepts in a very simple easy to understand way. Thank you for an excellent course in value investing. My own investments continue to perform well."

Ranjit S.


Ok let's look at your options

Option #1: Not doing anything

Not even going to spend any time on that one…

Option #2: Mutual funds and Index Funds or ETFs

There's 4 things about these that will hurt your returns in the long-term:

  • They inadvertently buy stocks when they are overvalued
  • They buy lousy stocks (non-quality stocks)
  • They buy stocks with zero to very low dividends
  • You are still paying fees

Here's the cost of investing $25,000 of your hard earned money

Click here for the cost details >


Option #3: Take control of your financial future today

Click on the button below to start earning more today


Earn more  -  Save your time  -  Reduce your risk

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Course please contact us, within 30 days of your purchase with your reason and we will happily provide you with a 100% refund.



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