Are You Looking to Earn More but Afraid to Start Investing?


Are you afraid to start investing on your own? You are not alone, most people are afraid to begin investing. In their fear they turn around and hand over their hard earned money to financial advisors and mutual fund sales people. The average person could spend over $321,000 in mutual fund fees over their lifetime by letting someone else invest for them. It’s easy to let someone else invest for you because if things go sour you have someone to blame. Forget about blame and keep the $321,000 for yourself, there is a better way.

Here’s some concerns you may have:

How do I make money with stocks?
Buying a stock or share in a company makes you part owner of the company. As part owner of the company you are entitled to share in the profits of the company. The company takes its profits and distributes them to shareholders in the form of dividends. Today the dividend for Walmart stock is $2/share. If you had invested $1650 in 1970 to buy just 100 shares in Walmart, today you would receive $393,216 in dividends each year.

Aren’t mutual funds safer?
Equity mutual funds also invest in stocks, the problem is they continue to invest in the wrong type of stocks. They invest in stocks that are priced high, because they don’t understand the importance of investing in stocks when they are undervalued.  They also invest in non-quality stocks. Mutual funds also tend to buy and sell often, thereby incurring transaction fees, fees that are passed on to you the mutual fund holder. Here are more reasons not to invest in mutual funds. When you buy quality undervalued dividend paying stocks your risk will be lower than buying mutual funds.

Isn’t investing risky?
Investing is only risky if you don’t know what you are doing. A simple course in learning the basics will provide you with the knowledge to learn how to invest successfully and with minimal risk.

I don’t know how to start?
Buying and selling stocks online thru your bank or trading account is as easy as paying your bills online. The first thing is to educate yourself on how to invest and learn what stocks to buy. If you have no time to take an investing course, then my Simply Investing Report is the quickest way to get started today.

Learn to start investing early, the longer you wait the more you stand to lose. Investing is simple and I’m here to show you how, feel free to contact me if you have any questions about getting started.

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Thank you, I'll be interested to read your newsletter and articles. Mary
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Hi Kanwal, This is my first visit to your blog. The worst mistake one can make is to not invest. I know of no one who became rich by putting money in a savings account. If we don't invest, inflation will make our money worth less each day. Historically stocks have outpaced inflation and provided good returns. --Michael
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Kanwal Sarai

Thanks for dropping by Michael! Those are true words of wisdom.
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