How to Use Dividends to Pay Your Mortgage off Sooner


Would you like to burn your mortgage faster? Dividends can help you pay off your mortgage faster than you think. You shouldn’t you have to pay down your mortgage all by yourself, especially when you can use your investments to help you. Here is a safe, low risk, low maintenance way to save $129,608.58 and pay off your mortgage 4.1 years sooner.

What is a dividend?
A dividend is money in your pocket. When you own shares in a company, the company will pay you for being a shareholder. As a shareholder you are part owner of the company, the company is simply sharing its profits with you the shareholder. If you own 1000 shares in company XYZ, and the company is paying $1 dividend per share per year, then you will receive $1000 in dividends each year for as long as you own those shares and as long as the company continues to pay that dividend. You can choose to save your dividends, spend them, or use them to help pay off your mortgage faster.

Can I really pay off my mortgage faster?
Yes, and the sooner you start the more money you will earn to help pay down your mortgage.

In this example I show you how investing in just 4 companies, can provide you with over $77,000 dividends. I also answer some of your most common questions:

How do I know dividends will keep going up?

What happens to the dividend if the stock price drops?

I don’t have the patience to time the stock market, how do I know when to buy stocks?

Therefore, if a stock is undervalued, I should just buy it?

Buying stocks seems complicated, couldn’t I just invest in Index funds or ETF?

I’m not ready to buy a house yet, when should I start this strategy?

You can read the complete article here. Thanks to Sean Cooper for having me as a guest blogger!

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