Book Review: Victory Lap Retirement


Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Drak, and Jonathan Chevreau, authors of the book "Victory Lap Retirement". At first I thought, “oh another retirement book”. But Mike explained that this book turned the notion of a traditional retirement upside down. This book is about how to design your own life on your own terms. Work while you play, and play while you work is the key to building your own life. The old idea of a full-stop retirement – going from 100 per cent work mode to 100 per cent work-free mode just doesn’t work. I’m not sure it ever did work.

This book contains 11 chapters:

Chapter 1: Rethinking Retirement

Chapter 2: Welcome to the Corporate Jungle

Chapter 3: Findependence – The Cornerstone of Victory Lap Retirement

Chapter 4: The Seven Internal Truths of Financial Independence

Chapter 5: Victory Lap Retirement

Chapter 6: Create a Life from Which You Don’t Have to Retire

Chapter 7: Goal Setting and the Pursuit of Happiness – Are You Aligned?

Chapter 8: Time as a Resource – Every Day Matters

Chapter 9: Health is Wealth

Chapter 10: Spiritual Health

Chapter 11: The Final Chapter – How Would You Like Yours to Read?

The moment you start your first job is the moment you should start working towards financial independence. Mike and Jonathan outline a clear path for the current and next generation of workers. This book is easy to read and each chapter is provided in a bite-size format. I wish Mike and Jonathan had published this book 20 years ago. But if you are like me, it’s still not too late to create a life from which you don’t have to retire.

What is your purpose in life? I’d like to share the following text with you from page 84:

“It’s interesting to note that in the Okinawan language there isn’t even a word for retirement. In its place is the term ikigai (eek-y-guy), which roughly translated means, “the reason for which you wake up in the morning”. Ikigai really means having a sense of purpose. There is a great deal of literature supporting the idea that people who have a strong sense of purpose are healthier and better able to deal with the difficulties that life may occasionally throw their way.”

Find what you are passionate about, and you will find your purpose. In chapter 5 Mike and Jonathan help you find your ikigai.

This book not only covers the financial aspects of your life, but it also covers health, family, charity, spirituality and finding happiness. This is a great guide to help you align all the parts of your life, to ensure that your life is vibrant and doesn’t end when your work ends.

I highly recommend this book for new grads just starting out and seasoned professionals well into their careers. The sooner you read this book, the sooner your life will begin to change for the better.

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