What’s the Easiest Way to Grow Your Money?


Would you like to increase the amount of money you currently make? Have you thought about how to increase your income? Getting a raise? Starting a second job? Changing your career? Launching a new business? Investing in real estate? All of these are great ideas but the time and effort involved is huge!

What then is the quickest and easiest way to grow your income? I would suggest investing in quality stocks that pay dividends. Dividends are cash payments made to shareholders, dividends are paid directly to you regardless if shares prices are going up or going down.

Here are a few dividend companies that you may recognize, in brackets I’ve put in the year they first starting paying dividends:

  • Coca-Cola (1893)
  • Enbridge (1952)
  • Fortis (1972)
  • Johnson & Johnson (1944)
  • McDonald’s (1976)
  • Procter & Gamble (1890)
  • Walmart (1973)

Let’s not forget we’re talking about increasing your income, so what if companies have been paying dividends for over 100 years? The key here is that most quality companies increase their dividends over time. Let’s take a look at the same companies but this time with the number of years of consecutive dividend increases:

  • Coca-Cola (52 years)
  • Enbridge (19 years)
  • Fortis (42 years)
  • Johnson & Johnson (52 years)
  • McDonald’s (38 years)
  • Procter & Gamble (58 years)
  • Walmart (41 years)

In 2005 the dividend for Walmart was $0.58 per share, today it’s $1.92 per share an increase of over 231% in just ten years. Has your salary gone up by 231% during the same time?

Suppose you purchased 100 Walmart shares in 1970, your initial investment would have cost you:

100 shares x $16.50 = $1650

Today your $1650 investment would be worth over $15 million, and you would be receiving over $393,216 in dividends annually. Not a bad way to earn $393,216 annually, think of all the money you’ll save without having to drive to a job every day :)

Increasing dividends provide you with the easiest way to grow your income. Start today to build a portfolio of stable large companies that continue to increase dividends year after year. You future self will thank you for the investment decisions you’ve made today.

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