Want more financial freedom? Start planting seeds today!


Do you want more money, more financial freedom? Then you need to start making the right investments today, and your future self will thank you as you reap the rewards. I’ll give you my personal example of earning over 13% annually on a single stock, and achieving gains of over 390%. In 2000 I purchased 185 shares of TRP at $13.40 each, at the time the annual dividend was $0.80/share. Since then the company has increased their dividend every single year:

2000: $0.80
2001: $0.90
2002: $1.00
2003: $1.08
2004: $1.16
2005: $1.22
2006: $1.28
2007: $1.36
2008: $1.44
2009: $1.52
2010: $1,60
2011: $1.68
2012: $1.76
2013: $1.84

The dividend yield based on my original purchase price is now:

Dividend Yield = (Annual Dividend)/(Share Price)

Dividend Yield = ($1.84)/($13.40) Dividend Yield = 13.73%  

Remember my total investment in TRP was $13.40 x 185 shares = $2479

However since 2000 I have received $3126.46 in dividends alone. Today the TRP stock price is at $49, including dividends the total return would be 392% As you can see it takes time to achieve double digit returns, but if you can make these types of investments today, your future self will thank you.

Robert Louis Stevenson once said: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” So get out there and plant some seeds!

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