Is it Time to Buy Twitter Now?


At today’s price of $41.75 a share the company is valued at $22.7 billion. Is Twitter really worth $22 billion?

This 7 year old company has yet to be profitable but investors have driven up the stock price by over 60% in 12 days. On Thursday November 7, 2013 Twitter became a public company, and its share price skyrocketed. The initial share price was set at $26 but closed at $44.90 on its first trading day, a 73% increase!

Should you go out and buy shares in Twitter now? I had the honor of being a guest blogger recently at The Passive Income Earner. Head on over to The Passive Income Earner to read the complete article, where I also compare Twitter to another $23 billion company!

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Image courtesy of Twitter.  

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