Which Company Has Increased Their Dividend Over 1000%?

increasing dividends

In late 2002 this stock was selling for about $15 to $18 a share, and the dividend was $0.19 per share. Remember a dividend is a cash payment made to all share holders. So if you bought 500 shares in this company back in 2002 for $15 each, you would receive $95 (500 shares x $0.19) in dividends just for owning those shares.

As a result of dividend increases over the years for this stock, the dividend today is $3.08. Which represents an increase of over 1000% since 2002, $0.19 per share to $3.08 per share. The $95 in dividends you would have received in 2002 now goes up to $1540 (500 shares x $3.08). As an added bonus the shares in this company today sell for $90 each. The stock price has gone up 500% since 2002. The company I am talking about is McDonald's.

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