Why I Left the Mutual Fund Industry

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My Own Advisor has a great post this week titled “Why I Left the Mutual Fund Industry”. If you still own mutual funds, you owe it to yourself to read his post.

My Own Advisor also has a great link to a mutual fund fee calculator which you can use to estimate the true cost of your funds. In his example a $25,000 investment in the RBC Canadian Equity Fund would have cost just under $6,400 in fees! I’ve written about high mutual fund fees before, and I urge you to see for yourself by using the mutual fund fee calculator to determine the true cost of owning your mutual funds.

I spent 10 years buying and holding mutual funds, until I realized there was a better way to invest. The solution is to stop paying fees and take charge of your own money. Invest in quality dividend paying companies when they are undervalued. This isn’t rocket science and it doesn’t have to take hours and hours of research. A simple and easy to implement rewarding plan is available for you. You can learn how to invest responsibly by yourself or (shameless plug coming) save time and money and take our easy online investing course.

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