Why Bother Investing?


Why should you invest your hard earned money? Why bother to learn about investing, and then spend time implementing investing strategies? Most people will respond: “Because I want to make money!” Why do you want money? You want money because it will give you the freedom and time to do what you love. Here are some of the reasons why people invest:

1. To live comfortably

2. To travel

3. To support their children/parents

4. Buy the house/car/clothes they always wanted

5. The ability to retire sooner

6. Have the time and money to play golf/soccer/hockey/baseball/football

7. Have the time to learn something new

8. Support a great cause

9. Support their local school/teams

10. Spend more time with family and friends

Those are all valid reasons, and you will have your own specific reasons for investing and planning your own journey in life. But remember each journey begins with the first step, educate yourself first on how to invest responsibly then you will be on the road to financial freedom!

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