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Each month I track the following 26 metrics for 200 North American stocks:

1. EPS Growth
2. Dividend Growth
3. Payout Ratio
4. Long-term Debt/Equity Ratio
5. S&P Credit Rating
6. Share Buyback
7. P/E Ratio
8. Current Dividend Yield
9. 11-year Average Dividend Yield
10. 11-year Average High Dividend Yield
11. 11-year Average Low Dividend Yield
12. High Stock Price
13. Low Stock Price
14. P/B Ratio
15. Book Value per Share
16. SI Criteria
17. Share Price
18. Annual Dividend
19. Graham Price
20. % Difference Graham Price vs Current Price
21. Years of Consecutive Dividend Increases
22. Dividends Paid Since
23. Industry
24. Undervalued/Overvalued
25. EPS
26. Consecutive EPS Increases (during the past 12 years)

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