How to Take the Fear Out of Investing


I know investing on your own can be scary. It can be scary to put in your first order to buy investments (stocks, mutual funds, bonds, index funds). What happens if you make the wrong decision and lose all of your hard earned cash? What if you earn dismal returns?

These are all valid questions, and something every investor asks him or herself.  In today’s article I’ll show you how to take the fear out of investing. I understand the fear you have about investing. I’ve been there; in early 1996 I had no clue about investing. I spent years buy and selling stocks on “hot tips”. My fear increased when I made mistakes by investing in companies that went bankrupt. For me the most important key to getting rid of fear was: education.

Education is the key to eliminating fear, once I educated myself on how to invest properly, the fear went away. I educated myself on learning the fundamentals:

  • How to know when a stock is undervalued or overvalued
  • How to find quality stocks
  • How to find financially strong companies
  • How to understand P/E, EPS, Debt, Yield, and Payout ratios

Educating yourself is the key to eliminating fear in any subject. Imagine how scary it would be to drive a car, go swimming, downhill ski, do your job, or fly a plane without any knowledge in those areas. The same is true for investing; your fear will go away once you understand the simple fundamentals.

Believe me the Simply Investing approach is easier than learning how to drive a car! Before you invest another penny, educate yourself first. Your financial education will provide you with a lifetime of awesome returns!

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