Looking to Delay Financial Independence?


Are you looking to delay financial independence by a few years? If so, simply purchase mutual funds with high fees (high Management Expense Ratios - MER).

Michael James provides an excellent example of how many extra years of work is required when you invest in high fee mutual funds. Take a look at Michael's example here:

"So, if Katie manages to keep her expenses down to 0.2% per year (including MERs, commissions, and spreads) using inexpensive index ETFs and trading infrequently, her projected retirement age is 61. If she invests in the Investors Canadian Growth Fund with total fund costs of 3.02% per year, Katie’s projected retirement age is 75. That’s 14 extra years of work to pay the higher fees."

You can read the complete blog post here, and also view the Retirement Age graph. When your investing costs increase, you end up working longer before you can reach financial independence. The lesson here is to keep your investing costs down. I prefer not to pay any MERs, and instead invest in quality dividend paying stocks when they are undervalued.

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