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Are You Trying to Beat the Market?

By Kanwal Sarai
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Are you trying to beat the market? Do you think if you spent large amounts of time researching stocks that you can can achieve extraordinary returns? Very few people can consistently outperform the stock market. The chances are extremely slim that you can compete with experts who have the latest data and research at their finger tips.

The goal here is to build yourself a portfolio of safe quality dividend-paying stocks. Over time your portfolio will start generating increasing passive income for you. Here's what Lowell Miller has to say about  investing:

"Remember, we're not trying to 'beat the market' here, nor are we even seeking what others might call the 'best' stocks. We're trying to create a compounding machine that will be robust and durable for at least an entire investing life, one that will provide equity-market returns with some measure of reliability and predictability over time, one whose income will rise. And because its income rises, the investment will also rise in market value.

It is the easy path and the sure path in the stock market, one that requires time and patience more than it requires cleverness and heroics. So don't be too clever, or too much of a hero."*

Focus on building your own portfolio of safe quality dividend-paying stocks, and you will do very well for yourself.

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* page 166, "The Single Best Investment" by Lowell Miller

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  • Living At Home

    I think it’s reasonable to try to beat the market based on an absolute return over say 5-10 years. I don’t think it’s reasonable to try to beat the market every year.

    – Henry

  • kanwal

    Agreed. Good point Henry! Thanks for dropping by.

  • Anne @ Money Propeller

    I’d love to be able to beat the market forever and ever… however, I’m realistic enough to know that’s basically not possible!

  • Ken Faulkenberry

    Excellent points! I contend that many investors fail, in the long run, because they try to beat the market on too short of a time horizon. Does it matter if I outperform the market this month, or this year, or even over several years? Or, are there more important considerations?

    I have written a post “Beat the Market – Rethinking Your Goals” for anyone interested in further reading on the subject: http://arborinvestmentplanner.com/beat-the-market-rethinking-goals/

  • The Wallet Doctor

    I think it can be fun to play the market some. Its hard to compete with those that have the latest information, but its fun to try. I think keeping the bulk of your investments in safer things makes sense. But giving a little to try to play the market seems good too.

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