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Monthly Blog Roundup – Bringing You The Best of the Best

By Kanwal Sarai
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investing awardHere is the monthly blog roundup for August.

There are a some really good bloggers out there, and this is my opportunity to share with you the best of the best.



My Own Advisor, Algonquin Power – Buy, Sell or Pass?

The Dividend Guy, Wal-Mart WMT Dividend Stock Analysis

Dividend Ladder, The 5 Safest Dividends in the Market

The Dividend Theory, Five Golden Rules for Dividend Investors

Dividend Mantra, Interview With Derek Foster, The "Idiot Millionaire"

I have also had the honor of recently participating in the following financial carnivals, have a look:

Carnival of MoneyPros at Financially Digital
Carnival of Retirement at Faithful With a Few
Carnival of Tortoise Banker at Carnival of Tortoise Banker
Carnival of Retirement at Midlife Finance
Carnival of Financial Planning at Bite the Bullet Investing
Yakezie Carnival at One Cent at a Time
Carnival of MoneyPros at Your PF Pro
Finance Carn. for Young Adults at FITnancials
Finance Carn. for Young Adults at Finance For Young Adults
Carnival of Retirement at Cash Cow Couple

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  • My Own Advisor

    Thanks Kanwal! Hopefully we can hook up later this fall, talk investing?


  • kanwal

    Your welcome Mark! Sounds good. I’m currently working on revamping my existing website, more details to come soon!

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