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By Kanwal Sarai
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investing_awardHere is the monthly blog roundup for February.

There are some really good bloggers out there, and this is my opportunity to share with you the best of the best.



My Own Advisor, Dividend Income Update

Dividend Mantra, Recent Dividend Increases

Dividend Engineering, Recent Buy Coca-Cola

Dividend Growth Stocks, 14 Stocks Taking Their Dividends Up A Notch

I have had the honor of recently participating in the following financial carnivals, have a look:

Y and T's Weekend Ramblings at Young and Thrifty.ca
Finance Carn. for Young Adults at 20s Finances
Carn. of Financial Camaraderie at Financial Conflict Coach
Carnival of Retirement at See Debt Run
Yakezie Carnival at The Amateur Financier
Carnival of MoneyPros at Money Pros

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  • Dividend Mantra

    Thanks for including me, Kanwal!

    Hope you're having a great weekend and staying warm up there. 🙂

    Best wishes!

  • Eric Tinoco

    I just saw your webinar on investing, thanks for the info. I studied finance as an undergraduate, have a lot of banking experience and because I was laid off last March by Bank of America I have returned to school to do an MBA with a finance emphasis. I've also had a lot of time to read books that I've been wanting to read for a while. This includes 2 books on Warren Buffet, Snowball: Warren Buffett and the business of life and The Making of An American Capitalist. I've always read Phil Fisher, John Bogle, and of course, Security Analysis, The Intelligent Investor, and Seth Klarman's Margin of Safety. Clearly, I am willing to do as much homework, research, and due diligence as necessary to make sound, rational investments. Here is my question. What is a good starting point for researching companies? Yahoo Finance? NYSE.com? Can you advise me as to how to get access to things like S&P, Fitch, Moodys in order to start looking at financials?

  • Kanwal Sarai

    Hi Eric,

    Those are some excellent books! I like to use the S&P reports when looking at financials. Check with your online trading brokerage, most of them will provide free access to reports like the S&P Reports. TD Waterhouse for example provides free access to S&P Reports for their customers.

    The other reports I like to use are Value Line, check their website to get free access to the Dow 30 companies.

    Besides S&P Reports and Value Line, you can find basic financial information from a number of websites like Yahoo Finance (which I like to use). I also like to use Globe Investor (from the Globe and Mail newspaper).


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