Top 3 Tips for Successful Investing

By Kanwal Sarai
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The beginning of the new year is a great time to plan for the future. Plan on how you will be able to earn more passive income this year than last year. Here are 3 tips to help you earn more:

1. Remain Focused
Ignore all the media noise about debt, high unemployment, and downturns. Do not jump from one strategy to the next. Stay focused on investing in quality dividend paying companies when they are undervalued.

2. Patience
Investing requires patience, in the short term stock prices go up and down, in the long-term history has shown that value stocks perform very well. This is why I teach in the Simply Investing course that any money you require in less than 5 years (to buy a house, car, or go on a trip) should not be invested in stocks. Investing in stocks requires a a long-term outlook.

3. Buy Low
Remember the saying "buy low, sell high"? Buy quality stocks when they are priced low (undervalued), this way you can maximize your profit. There is no point in buying any investment (mutual fund, stock, index fund, real estate) when it is priced high, you will never make any money on it or it will take decades to realize a small profit. How do you know when a stock is undervalued? Watch my webinar where I explain how to determine when a stock is priced low.

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    I think patience is so important. In fact to me it is fundamental to various aspects of our lives. Investing like everything else is a long term project that takes time to build. We shouldn't be looking for the quick fix when it comes to investing our money.

  • Kanwal Sarai

    Thanks for visiting Miss T!

    You are absolutely right, patience is key, in fact I should have put it first on my list. 🙂

  • American Debt Project

    Tell me 'bout it! I have a hard time staying focused on anything. I'm becoming much more diligent in my finances though. This was a good review!

  • Kanwal Sarai

    Thanks for the kind words American Debt Project! It is a challenge to remain focused and have the patience to let your investment s grow over time.

  • My Own Advisor

    Patience is absolutely critical, in my opinion, the most important factor of an investor above all.

  • Kanwal Sarai

    Thanks for dropping by MOA!

  • amanpreet

    Hi Kanwal,

    my company allow me to contribute 10% of my biweekly salary into RRSP or stock option

    so what should i do whether to go for 50- 50 or contribute all into RRSP

    Please assit

    • Kanwal Sarai

      Everyone’s personal financial situation is different, and without knowing your details, it is hard for me to suggest the best course of action.
      However the company matching contribution is basically free money, therefore it would be wise to contribute enough in order to get the maximum company contribution.

  • Dina Konstantopoulos

    Will you be penalized for taking money from your RRSP and putting it into a stock? If you arent taking the money out I am assuming no right?>

    • Kanwal Sarai

      Anytime you take money out of your RRSP it is considered income and you will be taxed on that income based on your income tax rate. To avoid this tax, it is preferable to open an RRSP Trading account, then you can transfer money from your traditional RRSP and move it into your RRSP Trading account tax free (since the transfer is from one RRSP account to another RRSP account). From your RRSP Trading account you can then buy/sell stocks.

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