How Can You Sleep At Night With All Your Money In Stocks?

By Kanwal Sarai
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Investing BabySomeone recently asked me regarding my stock portfolio, about how I felt regarding the latest fears about Greece, the Euro, higher banking fees, and higher consumer debt, “How do you sleep at night, knowing that all your money is in stocks?”

I sleep very well, because I ignore the media noise. There is just too much chatter about economic doom and gloom on the internet, radio, and television. Reality and what the media portrays are two different things. The media is focused on selling advertising space, and bad news sells papers and increases television ratings.

You have to learn to ignore the media noise, stick to common sense, stick to the value investing approach and you will do very well for yourself. The economy has endured the oil crisis, the tech bubble, 9/11, the war in Afghanistan, war in Iraq, the credit crunch, and recessions. History has shown that the economy has survived, and there still exist companies today that have been paying dividends for more than 100 years. Those are the types of companies that I invest in, I teach you how to select quality recession-proof companies, when they are undervalued, So relax, time is on your side, there is no need to panic.

I sleep quite well, and so should you.

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  • Liquid Indpendence

    Yup, as long as investors have a long time horizon and know what they are doing then they shouldn't have to worry. Spending money on stocks is better than spending it on consumer discretionary anyway.

  • miltonf

    Agreed. It's the difference between trading and investing.

  • Kanwal Sarai

    @Liquid Independence Thanks for stopping by! Spending money on stocks provides you with a return via dividends. Buying a car, LCD TV, smart phone….these are all depreciating assets.

  • Kanwal Sarai

    Good point @miltonf some people think they are investing when in fact they are speculating.


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